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  • This publication presents 20 representative projects from the territory of the Region of Istria, including the participation of all administrative departments and agencies of the Region of Istria – from the Istrian Development Agency (IDA) through the Istrian Regional Energy Agency (IRENA) to the Agency for Rural Development of Istria (AZRRI) as well as all other institutions founded by the Region of Istria. A brief presentation of different projects from various activity areas of the Region of Istria has been made in this publication.

    This publication has been funded by the European AdriGov project (Adriatic Governance Operational Plan), which was carried out as part of the 2007-2013 IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme. The project was designed by friendly and partner regions on the basis of a long-lasting cooperation along the Adriatic-Ionian territory and regional bilateral and multilateral partnerships.

    Our publication in PDF format can be found HERE.