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Eurodyssee / Eurodyssey Programme

  • Eurodyssée / Eurodyssey is the international youth exchange programme between the member regions of the Assembly of European Regions (AER) that was established in 1985 and has been successfully carried out for 30 years. The programme enables young people to acquire professional experience in different areas (tourism, culture, media, information technology, architecture, agriculture, administration etc.) and besides professional training, it also enables learning or mastering a foreign language. The programme lasts 3 to 6 months and is carried out in about forty European regions that are currently included in the programme.  

    The Eurodyssée programme is the first interregional programme for young people with the aim to integrate them in the world of work, by offering them the possibility to gain professional experience in a foreign country. The objectives of the programme are, besides acquiring professional experience and language learning, to introduce them to the host region through various cultural activities, to create European consciousness, interregional connection and to enable a faster and high quality employment.

    Eurodyssée relies to a network of partners organized between the regions and to the exchange of experience and international cooperation. Regions individually decide about the final selection and number of participants as well as about the programme organization in their area. Each region covers the costs of stay of programme participants in its area and it sends its candidates in other European regions on a reciprocity basis.

    The Programme is designed for young people with residence in one of the member regions of the international organization Assembly of European Regions (AER) that participates in the programme. Young people that can participate in the programme are between 18 and 30 years of age, they completed their education (secondary school or university) and now are in search of possibility to acquire professional experience outside their country and to learn a new language or master a foreign language they already know how to speak. The participants must actively speak at least one foreign language.

    The Region of Istria, which has been a member of the Assembly of European regions since 1994, joined the programme in 1996 and has been actively and continually carrying it out since then. Until today, more than 158 young people from the Region of Istria participated in the programme, while 117 young Europeans stayed in Istria. 

    Every two years the Region of Istria publishes a call for the collection of applications to determine the list of candidates who want to participate in the programme.

    More information about the programme:
    Contact person: Gordana Širol